I asked Vlog santa how to get a Wii

I know I said all stuff Nintendo Wii would be over at my blog Wii The Media but this one is just too funny… so I cross post here:

I sent Vlog Santa a short video asking him, “How do I convince my wife to let me get a Wii?” Well he took my question as an opportunity to provide some free marriage advice… while drunk.

Is da weekend over already? Christ. Okay here’s some dude dat has to ask his wife to go wee-wee. Well dats what I thought he was sayin’, I guess it’s some kinda computa game. Danny McVicar’s got his mind in da gutter too, so get ready for a little bada-BOOM bada-BOOM know what I mean!

Go over to Vlog Santa’s site and check it out. Lots of funny vids from the man in red and white and blue. Blue is the color of his malt liquor can.

Send your “Computa video questions” to – santa@vlogsanta.tv

Having Fun Making Media – Photos

Another Channel on the Nintendo Wii is called the PhotoChannel. Its basically a photo viewer app that allows you to organize and perform basic edits. You import your photos into the Wii via SD card. This allows you to look at them on your TV. All this is done with the wireless Wii remote controller. Nothing too earth shattering new on the tech front but quite radical on the “where people use it” front. Watch this vid then I’ll elaborate.

For years people have been talking about the merging of the TV and the Computer and the Internet and the Living Room. Lots of attempts at bridging these worlds are going on. Game consoles makers like Sony and Microsoft have been into it for awhile. Now its Nintendo’s turn.

All this time people seem to think it was the killer app that would be responsible for successful merger of TV/Living Room and Computer/Internet. It appears its much more about timing and number of concurrent users. Putting a small computer in your living room just hasn’t caught on with the masses of TV users. But if you give people a device that is fun and you can SHARE STUFF AND FUN WITH OTHERS you win. That’s what I’m predicting.

How do you pull the TV/Internet merger off? Make a very usable device that lots of people want. So far the Nintendo Wii is experiencing an amazing level of popularity. Its hasn’t been available for sale very long and already the buzz on community news sites like Digg is huge.

Its possible that the Wii will have all the tools you need to make, edit, and share news. (you still need some knowledge and other tools for sure. Like a camera.) It’ll have a web browsers for viewing and writing, it has a photo application to view photos (will it allow you to upload to the internet too?), it has a built in bulletin board for local and possible global social networking, you can establish identity with the Mii character you make on the Mii Channel, it’ll play audio and video, and oh yeah you can play games with it too.

Mii and You

The big question for me is, Can a closed system grow? Is simplicity and ease of use a worthy trade off for not being able to officially develop (aka hack) a Wii? Is there a Nintendo Wii API (Application Programmers Interface) in the works? Like the Flickr or Google API? Wii mash-ups would be amazing!

Its possible that the content you get from Wii media makers via the Wii Console may not suffer from the walled garden. We shall see.


I just bought the domain name wii the media (dot) com. Nothing there just yet but I’ll let you know. The idea to buy it came about from daydreaming and my blog posts Wii the Media (duh) and Wii and Newspapers. Several people have told me they enjoyed the ideas. Let’s see how Wii can explore those ideas. The fun part will be how open, as in freedom, the Wii Opera browser and Newschannels will be.

Now all I need is my own Nintendo Wii. Any one want to buy me one for my gaming pleasure… er uh I mean research? Yes very serious research. 🙂 Really… Would a newspaper or TV station want to sponsor my endeavor? Lets talk. K? (Use my spiffy new Contact form.)

Wii the Media

Right after I wrote the last post I came up with the title of this post. In case you didn’t notice its a pun on the phrase “We the Media“.

Can a video game console help Citizen Journalists? The Wii has an internet connection, a browser, a basic photo editing app (PhotoChannel), message board, avatars, etc. Some basic features appear to be missing, like a audio player, but this could change in future updates. Check out The Reasoning behind the Wii. I don’t own one of these suckers btw. yet? I’m living vicariously.

Will game consoles replace PCs as the tool of the masses to MAKE while we PLAY?

Wii and Newspapers

Newspapers have been trying for years to increase the number of young people reading there content with varying degrees of success.

Here’s an idea:

Partner with video game manufactures and push your content through their consoles. The Nintendo Wii, pronounced We, just came out to rave reviews. We’ll see how many units they sell.

Back in September I wrote about the Wii Newschannel and Forcastchannel. From Reading the news Nintendo style:

If I was a newspaper owner I’d be looking beyond the multimedia website and even hand held devices like phones and towards video game consoles. Especially if you want to increase the number of younger people who read your paper (15-35). This isn’t just some silly trend but the transformation of media before your very eyes. The construction of the home media center by Nintendo, Sony Microsoft, Apple, and others is seriously blurring the lines between genres that were once held in separate containers. No more.

I might just buy one of these Wii so I can learn how to format content for it. I hope Nintendo opens up their Newschannel to all. An API, Application Programing Interface, for the Wii Newschannel would be a good start. If the newschannel isn’t open it will fail. Simply because people can always get what they want from a computer and browser.

How about a game that makes it fun to aggregate content on the web? Make it fun for Mario to help you learn on the web. Neat!

Here’s hopping we have a future with literate youth. Increasing the ways they can access important information is key.