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One area I’m most proud of innovating in is Podcasting. I got involved because Ruby bought me an iPod in early 2004 and I wondered, “What can I make for the iPod instead of just consuming with it.” A few months later I started the 3URLs show on On October 3, 2004 I released the podcast episode 3URLs 10/03/04. Thanks to Ibiblio for hosting the mp3s and website for all these years.

Recently I’ve started a new show called Flathead Monster. It’s just interviews with interesting people about what they do. I still have a RSS feed for FHM but I also share it on Youtube. As one does in 2019.

My first episode on is with Brendan Love and we talk about tattoos.

Flathead Monster Podcast by Brian Russell, Episode 001, Brendan Love on Tattoos
Flathead Monster Podcast by Brian Russell, Episode 001, Brendan Love on Tattoos

NCSBC Pre-conference skills session

Yesterday Anton, Bora, and I helped introduce blogging to about 12 people. It was a pre-conference event for the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference.

Check out Anton’s EXCELLENT NCSBC Pre-conference skills session page. These exercises were quite effective in helping people get hands on experience with blogs. You could see the fear of blogs melt away.

Anton’s Blogs, wikis & podcasts primer is good too.

Search for How-tos on Media Making

The Google Co-Op service allows you to create custom searches that focus on topics and sites you’re interseted in. I made one that will hopefully help people find how-tos, articles, and tutorials on media making. Topics like blogs, podcasts, video blogs, etc. will be included. You can test it out by clicking on the tab, How-to Search. Let me know if you’d like to help. The Google software leverages collaboration.

Help Organize PodCon 2007

Yep. Its about time we started working on the next PodcasterCon. Do you want to help? Please contact me at info (at) podcastercon (dot) org.

My vision for the next event is even more hands on media making education. So if you have ideas for sessions put them in the comments.

A wide range of help is needed. From serious time commitment, to ideas, to session moderation, to designing training, etc.