UNC Men's bball Number 1 on Coaches Poll

University of North Carolina Men’s Basketball team has won the preseaon coaches poll for 2007-2008.

This is the sixth season in which the coaches have selected the Tar Heels No. 1 to begin the season. UNC was also No. 1 in the initial coaches’ poll in 1957-58, 1981-82, 1985-86, 1986-87 and 1987-88.

via: Tarheelblue.com

Seems it was a tight “win”. So much to live up to.

In the tightest three-way preseason race since USA TODAY took over the poll in the 1991-92 season, the Tar Heels are No. 1 with 739 points, five more than second-ranked UCLA and eight points ahead of No. 3 Memphis.

via: USA Today

The top five where:
1) UNC
3) Memphis
4) Kanasas
5) Georgetown

Gota give props to UCLA. I watched them place several times last year. They were fast, huge, and talented. Should make a great match up late in the season.

On top of this Carolina won the ACC Preseason Poll too.

The University of North Carolina was the unanimous pick as the favorite to win the Atlantic Coast Conference championship in men’s basketball in 2007-08 and Tyler Hansbrough was voted the preseason ACC player of the year when the ACC’s media convened in Greensboro on Sunday for the annual ACC Operation Basketball.

via: tarheelblue.com

I’m crazy excited to see both the Carolina men and women play bball this year. It was wonderful to read about this. Exciting! But man the pressure is on strong now.

Missing College Basketball

I became a Tar Heel fan rather fast. I’ve only lived in Chapel Hill for a few years and I’m already jonesn’ for college basketball season to start. I love summer weather much more than winter. But the lack of basketball is KILLING ME.

This is not a unique gripe in North Carolina. But its rather odd for me.

One, I am NOT athletic.
Two, I am NOT very competitive by nature.
Three, I think most organized sports are violent and too commercial.

Despite all my differences with the IDEA of organized sports I am still a fan. Each year I become more interested. Each year I yearn for watching a basketball game live and on TV. In a decade or so I could be a complete bball looney! 🙂

Why is this?

So far I believe its Ruby’s fault. 🙂 By that I mean she is such a cool Tar Heel fan. She isn’t the only one either. For some reason Tar Heel fans in Chapel Hill and Carrboro also happen to be the coolest people. They have interesting lives, are very creative, love peace, love each other, etc., etc. Also working at UNC didn’t hurt my love of this great sports tradition.

So I’m seriously thinking about doing a college bball vlog. Would you watch?

VCU beats Duke in NCAA first round

Final Score
VCU 79
Duke 77

I’m a very proud VCU alumni right now. The VCU men’s basketball team did a great job. But I have to admit I didn’t like bball much in college.

Living in North Carolina will change you tho’. As will marrying a Chapel Hill native who went to UNC. Fact is there are so many cool basketball fans down here. That makes it so much easier to be a fan. To hang out with people ya love and watch amazing feats of athleticism.

My twitters about the game tonight. Newest on top.

VCU 79 Dook 77 Final BIG UPSET! I can’t believe duke lost in the first round…

VCU 38 Dook 40 halftime

VCU ties Dook!

VCU within THREE!

VCU three pointer!

19 / 4 run by Dook…

VCU just went 9 shots without scoring 😦

Watching VCU (my alma mater) play Dook