America Doesn’t Want Bigger Media

Stop Big Media! On Tuesday the FCC is meeting. Part of their agenda is relaxing ownership rules. This means even fewer companies will own more newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. That’s not what our county needs.

Put your picture on the wall, sign the petition, and tell your friends.

More Detail: Media Consolidation: What happens after the FCC vote? from The Moyers Blog.

Stop Media Consolidation

Watch this Bill Moyer’s video about the latest FCC attack on our media freedom. It explains the threat very clearly. Such amazing footage of the Seattle FCC hearing held recently.

More info here on Bipartisan Bill to Put the Brakes on FCC

If you are on Facebook consider joining the 100,000 by 12/18/07 to Fight Media Consolidation group. Here are some action items.

1. Invite all of your friends this group. Most of the “100,000” or “1 million” strong groups are meaningless. If we can get thousands of people on facebook to contact the FCC and their Senators there is a good chance we can actually stop this disastrous rule change.

2. Contact the FCC

3. Contact your Senators

4. Learn More
Please do whatever you can to spread the word about this. Media consolidation is one of the most overlooked issues in contemporary political discourse. Without access to diverse and distinct media sources, our Democracy itself is in peril. Make sure your voice is heard on this critical issue.