I dreamt we went to Google

This morning I woke at my regular time. Because it was Saturday I was annoyed. Those coveted hours of extra sleep didn’t seem like they were going to happen. Some how I dozed off. When I awoke again I realized I had just had the following dream.

* * * DREAM * * *
Ruby and I were in a very large airport hanger style lobby that belonged to Google. We walked up to a medium sized round receptionist desk. There we told the person behind the desk that we where there for a meeting. They asked our names and then handed us odd looking gold foil things with names on them. Not quite badges. More like cut out business cards.

As we walked towards a door at the other side of this mammoth hall we found a group of tables and chairs. We decided to sit down and wait because we were early. (In real life Ruby and I are always early. We joke that its practice for when we’re senior citizens.)

At the tables I could see into a bright hallway. It appeared to be where more rooms and offices where. Suddenly Terrell Russell appears. He tells us that the meeting we’re about to goto might contain ClaimID promotional stuff. For some reason I’m pretty mad about this. I had believed this meeting at Google would be small. As it turns out its a bigger promo type meeting. I huffed off in the direction of the hallway.

We enter another room that is full of chairs set out in theater style. Ruby and I find a seat. I find myself thinking about how I want to sit in a spot with lots of empty chairs around me. I’m a bit claustrophobic and crowds bug me sometimes.

Fred Stutzman shows up on the stage in front of us. He’s joined by Terrell and Paul Jones. Paul is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and his long hair is flowing like the club he belongs to requires. Suddenly these three jokers set up some kind of GIANT sling shot. They are shooting balloons filled with liquid at the crowd. Terrell and Fred are the posts of the sling shot and Paul is firing.

Swooosh! A water balloon flies through the air and hits the person just to my right. Swoosh! Another balloon flies from the sling shot. Paul is smiling and has a wonderful child like expression on his face.

Then I notice Fred filling up more balloons with margarita mix and tequila. Those aren’t water balloons they’re margarita balloons! I start wondering how we’ll prevent ourselves from getting wet and catch the margaritas in our mouth.

Swoosh! A margarita balloon flies through the air and lands in a cup right in front of Ruby. Then I wake up …

* * * DREAM * * *

I told this dream to Ruby and she laughed through most of the story. Much respect to those real people who appeared in my dream. You make me smile in real life and in my dreams. 🙂

What is the Carr Mill Mall management thinking?

Two Signs on Weaver Street Lawn

From the Orange Politics post Carr Mill gives the finger to Weaver Street patrons Ruby writes:

My peaceful mid-morning trip to the grocery store today was interrupted by the erection of two huge signs in the middle of the Weaver Street Market lawn. If these were at the entrance to Weaver Street from the sidewalk or the parking lot, it would just be sort of hostile, but the placement is clearly a big middle finger from Carr Mill Mall manager Nathan Millian to the many people who enjoy the Weaver Street Lawn.

Last year the managers of Weaver Street Market and Carr Mill came to came to agreement on rules for use of the lawn through negotiations led by Carrboro Alderman Dan Coleman. The rules posted here are SIMILAR to the ones agreed to, but not the same. In addition there was never an agreement to place a 6-foot tall sign in the middle of the area enjoyed my thousands of paying customers every week.

Here is what the sign says: ( I just jotted this down by reading the sign in the photograph)

Carr Mill Mall
Good Neighbor Rules

1. Carr Mill Mall buildings, lawn, and parking lots are only for the use of customers while shopping and dining, and for tenants and their invited guests.

2. Solicitation and distribution of literature or handbills is prohibited.

3. Loitering or sleeping on benches is prohibited.

4. Unauthorized performances and large or publicly advertised gatherings are prohibited.

5. Dogs must be well behaved, leashed, attended, promptly cleaned up after, and watered with disposable bowls.

6. Stay out of all trees, garden areas, and the podn. The edge of the pond can be used for seating, but not for walking or running. Do not throw anything in the pond.

7. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed only in eating areas, and not near the entrance to the offices or the edge of the lawn.

Thank you.

BlogTogether Logo Contest

Win a iPod Shuffle by designing a logo for the ultra-cool blogger group BlogTogether. Anton has set up more info here about the contest. Entries are due by March 31st.

Here is more info about BlogTogether for inspiration.

The Brief

BlogTogether is the name of an initiative to connect bloggers and blog readers both online and in person. Blog refers to the weblog tool for publishing online content. Together relates to our mission to gather bloggers in face-to-face social settings. BlogTogether also includes a service effort to encourage self-expression, civic engagement and community building. The logo should include the words blogtogether, in any font, upper or lower case, together with a logo graphic, with any color scheme. I have no other criteria, but I do like simplicity. Once we have the new logo, we will build a new website design around it, and the relaunched site will continue to act as a blog/resource about our blogger meetups, Blogging101 teach-ins, occasional happy hour events and our annual conference.