Help Teach Someone to Read or get their GED

Might you be interested in helping someone learn how to read? If so please contact Yashna Padamsee at the Durham Literacy Center ASAP. yashna (at) durhamliteracy (dot) org More info bellow.

I worked in AmeriCorp for one year at the Durham Literacy Center. Its a serious organization that’s been working very hard teaching people for over 20 years. Helping someone increase their reading literacy can have a dramatic effect on the quality of their lives. If you want to see the world change for the better this is a great place to start!

Please blog about this if you live in the Triangle Area.
Thank you.

From Yashna:
Do you want to be a tutor with DLC?

Why you would
To make a difference in your community!
Empower an adult through reading, teach an adult English, help a teen get his or her GED.

Here is how!

1. Attend a one hour volunteer orientation

When: 2.26.08 6-7pm OR 2.28.07 6-7pm

Where: Lakewood Baptist Church/ Education Building
2100 Chapel Hill Rd.
Durham, NC
Google Map

How: Call or email to sign up OR just show up!

2. Sign up for tutor training (TT) at the orientation
NOTE: *If you missed the orientations please call in you want to register for TT

3. Attend tutor training
(required to attend all three dates)

Monday March 5, 2007 6-9pm

Wednesday March 7, 2007 6-9pm

Saturday March 10, 2007 9am – 3pm

4. Get started with a student.
Work one on one with an adult student twice a week to help improve their reading and writing skills.

Looking forward to working with you!

phone: 919 489 8383 ext 27
fax: 919 489 1456

Bridging the Digital Divide RDU style

Big props to Fiona Morgan for writing about all the work people are doing in the Triangle to bridge the digital divide. The Independent has the following stories:

The future of individual empowerment is dependent on information access. For people young and old to create the good life they want they must have knowledge. That knowledge is increasingly obtained digitally.

Hat tip to Paul Jones.

What is Brian doing? – a SMS/Twitter blog

Now when you go to the top page of the domain you’ll be taken to my SMS/Twitter blog. (Not when you come here to This blog ain’t going nowhere.) This SMS/Twitter blog is basically a really simple page that is updated with my cell phone via SMS (Short Messaging Service) and Twitter.

Twitter is this really cool social text messaging service that has groups. You can keep track of what people are up to. Its much faster than checking your friends blog. The updates come to your phone, web page, or Jabber IM client. (ex. Google Talk).

I made my SMS/Twitter blog by parsing the RSS feed into html from my personal updates on Twitter with Magpie RSS. I looked at the code David Kadavy did over at his blog and adapted it. Instead of just putting it in a small side bar on my blog I made it my main index page for yesh. Thanks David!

I was inspired to do a fast mobile blog when I heard about the iPhone. I figure one day I’ll be updating my blog with my phone full time. So much more immediate and timely. So right now I have a page for what I’m doing NOW (SMS blog) and what I think today (wordpress blog). See the difference? Up to the second verses up to the hour or day. Only thing I lament is the absence of spell check on my Treo’s SMS client. Thank Jebus for spell check in Firefox! 🙂

So if you really care what Brian is doing right now go there with your cell phone. It looks pretty good in my Treo 650 browser. There is even a RSS feed for my SMS blog.

Comments welcomed.

Change can be good, Make Media

Ed Cone had a good op-ed article in the N&R yesterday titled The way we politick now. Of course you can find it on his blog. (It wasn’t so long ago that MSM would flip out if you put your column on your own webpage.) He brings up several great points about how new media, aka blogs etc., are changing old media and politics.

These are exciting times… if you embrace change. If you fight change aggressively then you’re in for some serious hurt. I guess we all dislike change of some kind. Especially when we benefit from things being just the way they are. But the change I speak of is a massive snowball going down hill with a ton of momentum. I hope it’ll spread its energy around and not just put it in one place.

I speak of momentum towards real grassroots democracy. Ed discusses this within American politics and how its “rule book” is changing. He provides a insight into how people are gaining their own power. This power is beyond just voting, and protesting, its becoming the media aka Blogging.

While we politicos watch what’s happening in electoral politics other areas are changing too. Non-profits are blogging bringing attention to their causes and raising money. Artists are blogging to help people find their work. Mothers and fathers are blogging so family can stay in touch with their kids. Educators are blogging to augment their classes. Businesses are blogging and creating better two way relationships with their community formally known as consumers. Its really is amazing how HUGE individual media making has become.

Check out

Non-profit techies have been dreaming of ways to use new web 2.0 stuff to help good causes. We’re always suggesting people use Digg, Facebook,, Flickr, and YouTube for positive social change work. Problem is they are all separate services with communities that aren’t focused on non-profit missions. What would happen if we mashed all these functionalities together and got non-profit people involved? Enter Now we have such as site. Check out the Orange Networking page I created.