I asked Vlog santa how to get a Wii

I know I said all stuff Nintendo Wii would be over at my blog Wii The Media but this one is just too funny… so I cross post here:

I sent Vlog Santa a short video asking him, “How do I convince my wife to let me get a Wii?” Well he took my question as an opportunity to provide some free marriage advice… while drunk.

Is da weekend over already? Christ. Okay here’s some dude dat has to ask his wife to go wee-wee. Well dats what I thought he was sayin’, I guess it’s some kinda computa game. Danny McVicar’s got his mind in da gutter too, so get ready for a little bada-BOOM bada-BOOM know what I mean!

Go over to Vlog Santa’s site and check it out. Lots of funny vids from the man in red and white and blue. Blue is the color of his malt liquor can.

Send your “Computa video questions” to – santa@vlogsanta.tv

2 thoughts on “I asked Vlog santa how to get a Wii

  1. BrianR Post author

    Unfortunately I didn't get one. But as soon as they are readily available I'm going to snag one. Will let ya'll know when to come play. 🙂


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