A Carrboro news blog called The Mill

Kirk Ross has set up The Mill a Carrboro news blog. He has tons of journalistic experience and really understands the vibe of the Town of Carrboro. I’m really looking forward to it as a trusted source of LOCAL news. Yah! Carrboro, North Cackalacky! Good luck with this Kirk!

From The Mill:

The Carrboro Citizen is a site dedicated to local citizen journalism.

The Mill is set up as a blog to act as both generator and aggregator trying to point readers to good stories on other sites, helpful information and ways to stay engaged in the civic life of the area.

My name is Kirk Ross and my handle for this site is The Editor because, I, uh, am the editor. I also publish two other sites—Exile on Jones Street and the Cape Fear Mercury. You can read more bio information here. Feel free to email in any questions.

The Editor

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