Journalism in a Virtual World

Ruby has been spending a lot of time working on RootsCamp in Second Life. She’s been using it for the discussion of progressive politics. Second Life is a virtual 3D world with lots of serious implications. Politics is one, media is another.

Brian C. Howard writes on about Journalism In Its ‘Second Life’.

The online virtual world Second Life has enjoyed explosive growth, with double-digit increases in sign-ups in recent months.

At the same time, Second Life is drawing mainstream media coverage because of the new economy — in which users can earn real-world money. One avatar reportedly earns her creator in the neighborhood of $150,000 a year from in-world businesses.

Significant nonprofit endeavors include forays by leading universities, including Harvard, that have launched research and educational programs within Second Life.

However, there is also tremendous uncharted ground for creative journalism within this expanding frontier.

I was just discussing with someone how forward thinking Apple Computers is. It seems when they release products they are usually already well on their way to designing the next version. Shouldn’t media owners think the same way? Thankfully Mr. Howard is thinking about the future of media in his Graduate studies at Columbia School of Journalism.

BTW, Second Life has its own “paper” called the Second Life Herald and Reuters has a Second Life News Center.

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