Learn about others traditions

Chuck from Minnesota Stories has a wonderful video and blog post up called What Muslim Prayer Looks Like. Please go over to his site and watch it. Its a simple introduction to the religious culture of Muslims. We must learn about each other in this world if we expect peace to exist.

In light of the detention of six Muslim clerics by US Airways in the Twin Cities, it might be fruitful to show Minnesotans what a Muslim prayer looks like.

A telling quote from the story: A US Airways gate agent wrote that three of the men prayed in Arabic at the gate. “I was suspicious by the way they were praying very loud,” the gate agent said.

Other Thoughts: I think that many Americans ignorance about Muslims is fed by the lack of context in TV news shows. True you can’t encapsulate hundreds of years of history in each broadcast, but you can include educational writing. Editors of TV copy can be sensitive to all cultures when they work on witting. Directors of TV news shows should ask their on screen personalities to exude more love and understanding in their work. I’m not talking about hippy dippy stuff that conservatives across America cringe at. I’m describing a humble openness that encourages all viewers to learn more about what is being presented. Ask yourself TV executives, “Just how does my programing educate the world?”


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