Wii and Newspapers

Newspapers have been trying for years to increase the number of young people reading there content with varying degrees of success.

Here’s an idea:

Partner with video game manufactures and push your content through their consoles. The Nintendo Wii, pronounced We, just came out to rave reviews. We’ll see how many units they sell.

Back in September I wrote about the Wii Newschannel and Forcastchannel. From Reading the news Nintendo style:

If I was a newspaper owner I’d be looking beyond the multimedia website and even hand held devices like phones and towards video game consoles. Especially if you want to increase the number of younger people who read your paper (15-35). This isn’t just some silly trend but the transformation of media before your very eyes. The construction of the home media center by Nintendo, Sony Microsoft, Apple, and others is seriously blurring the lines between genres that were once held in separate containers. No more.

I might just buy one of these Wii so I can learn how to format content for it. I hope Nintendo opens up their Newschannel to all. An API, Application Programing Interface, for the Wii Newschannel would be a good start. If the newschannel isn’t open it will fail. Simply because people can always get what they want from a computer and browser.

How about a game that makes it fun to aggregate content on the web? Make it fun for Mario to help you learn on the web. Neat!

Here’s hopping we have a future with literate youth. Increasing the ways they can access important information is key.

6 thoughts on “Wii and Newspapers

  1. Where can we find a Wii in Charlotte, NC or surrounding areas. Every place we call can't give me any information as to when they will be shipped one.

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