Political attack from the Squeeze the Pulp forum

The original hateful Squeeze the Pulp forum thread that contained the attack is called From OP…. Not long after the attack was blogged about said offending sections were removed. Fortunately they were saved on the blog post Painting the Whole Group with the Same Broad Brush. The context for these remarks was a reposting of a political analysis article written by Tom Jensen called Breaking down the Local Election Results and then the following:

And finally, and I know this isn’t a PC question, but is Tom Jensen openly gay? He worked for a gay legislator in Michigan. He got a lot of attention in his student council race for kissing other guys, and he runs to Mike Nelson’s defense every time some one accuses Nelson of having a bad hair day.

It shouldn’t matter, but I think I am seeing a particular “viewpoint”, and I’m curious.

I put this here because its important to remember. It makes me ill and I apologize for sharing it. But we can’t let this go unforgotten. Read the blog post above and forum thread to get the full picture.

Some of you might be wondering, “Is Brian over reacting?”. Sadly given the complicated local politics context… no. I tried writing over a thousand words to describe it and it just became too long and painful. Maybe another day. My goal is to show how a few people are using Squeeze the Plup. I won’t name names here.

This isn’t the first time this person has tried to politically assassinate someone. She pulled the same crap on Ruby last year. Fortunately Ruby spoke up and set the record straight with the truth.

This is what the underbelly of local politics looks like. Conservative self described Democrats (closet Republicans) in Orange County, NC attacking people online. I don’t care what others say Orange Politics never goes this far. Ain’t partisanship fun?

UpdateClarification: The title should be “Supposed Political attack…”. I must add that this type of crap should only really matter to conservatives who think being gay is bad.

Laughing this off as silly should be the natural response. Yet it’s the context of this person actions on STP that pisses me off. (Saying shit that conservatives on STP would have a problem with. Like if someone is gay or not. A stupid bully tactic.) I’m just really tired of their attacks on our wonderful elected leaders (Mike Nelson) and the people who support them. (ex. Tom J. and Ruby)

3 thoughts on “Political attack from the Squeeze the Pulp forum

  1. The thing that makes her comment really objectionable even if you're not a homophobe, is that "Jessie" assumes that invloves supporting gay leaders is an indicator of some kind of "viewpoint" that only gay people have.

    That Squeeze the Pulp continues to offer "Jessie Beard" a platform for malicious personal attacks without so much as asking her to publish her real name is absurd at best.

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