MSM and Youtube convergence

Check out this blooper from Fox News on You Tube. Nothing new about bloopers but… they say live on the air that the blooper will soon be on You Tube. This is significant because it acknowledges that video sites on the web are mixing with a lot of main stream media. (besides the Colbert Report and the Daily Show) After the billions spent by Google for You Tube everyone knows. Viral media like You Tube is good for business.

But does this knowledge mean acceptance? Does this herald the beginning of good relationships between citizen journalists and professional media? Or is this just a little laughy laugh at the expense of all that cheap labor (aka citizen journalists) that’ll save a dying business model? (Think manufacturing jobs being outsourced overseas. Now known as Croudsourcing.) After all those people with TiVos and MythTV boxes posting TV on You Tube are part of the DIY media makers cabal that includes citizen journalists.