Gregarius vs Google Reader

ARRRRGH! I’m conflicted. Gregarius, the open source web based RSS feed reader you install on your own blog, has served me well. But I’m at the point were its just too slow. Plus it doesn’t act well on a PC using Firefox. For example: Some feeds I try to mark as read and they don’t show that way. (Firefox on a Mac acts better but I sit at PC a lot) Plus trying to get my hosted server to update all my feeds in a timely manner is hard. That isn’t Gregarius’s fault… Plus I’m a bit tired of the themes. Read here why I moved to Gregarius in the first place.

I’ve been avoiding Google Reader because I didn’t want to share my RSS feed surfing habits with Google. I’m not sure free services are worth all that valuable meta data. BUT the user interface for Google Reader is soooo good. Its AJAX fast and makes skimming the TON of feeds I read every day much easier. I’m going to give it a full time test out for awhile.

Why don’t I use a normal PC or Mac app to read my feeds? Because I’m at lots of different computers every day. Not to mention I use my Palm Treo to read email and surf a lot. Google Reader has a mobile version for your phone!

Damn Google Reader sure is fast!

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