Just watch the video… then read the song lyrics. That says it all. Thanks for sharing this with me Ruby. FCCFU.com

“FCC FU: The Anthem”
LYRICS: (to the tune of
“My Country ‘Tis of Thee”)

My country used to be
Sweet land of liberty
That once was true
Until the FCC
Chose what we hear and see
On radio and on TV

When you deny our choice
You censor every voice
That’s what you do
We’d say “go fly a kite”
But that’s far too polite
For stealing First Amendment rights

What makes your ass so tight?
Does the religious Right
Rule over you?
Those few fanatic fools
And your outrageous rules
Kick freedom in the family jewels

Soon those misguided kooks
Will all be burning books
With help from you
Why be so meddlesome?
Must you assume we’re dumb?
What is it you protect us from?

Are we all so repressed
That one small glimpse of breast
Must be taboo?
One Janet Jackson boob
Botched up what’s on the tube
Bend over, we’re not using lube

It’s time we take a stand
Shout it through all the land
We can’t stand you
And while we fight this fight
We can say with delight
That Howard’s gone to satellite

What I hear, what I see
Please leave that up to me
Not up to you…
If I’m offended, I’ll
Just simply turn the dial
And I’ll be saying, all the while

©2006 fccfu.com. All Rights Reserved.

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