I'm reading more paper

For the past several years I’ve gotten most of my news online. I’m a computer worker so I sit infront of a PC for hours during the day. Only makes sense I’d find the most time to keep up with daily news while I’m at a computer.

But various changes in my life have moved me back to paper a bit. One of them is riding the bus to and from work. On the way home waiting at the bus stop and in the bus I read the New York Times.

Recently some friends got Ruby and I a subscription to The Nation magazine. I wasn’t very familiar with this long standing liberal publication. But so far I am amazed its as radical as it is. The articles are diverse and speak with individual voices. I’m digging it. I find time to slow down my life and read it. It seems very healthy.

So, much respect to all you liberal writers and editors who publish on paper.