Download Firefox 2.0

If you read blogs and are on the web you might have heard… Firefox 2.0 is out! Its an open source web browser for PC, Mac, and Unix/Linux that is free.

I wasn’t so excited until I tried it with Windows. It has built in SPELL CHECK! This is huge for me. I write blog posts and other things with a web browser a lot. Having built in spell check makes it MUCH easier. It prevents me from having to cut and paste my writing from a application that has spell check back into a browser form.

Not to mention the hassle of having to make sure the word processing application, like Micro$oft Word, doesn’t put in funny formating code. Example: The curly quote. [ “ “ ] Sometimes RSS feed creation software barfs on it. There are more silly stuff characters and formating code that isn’t ASCII. A small rock in may shoe that can really make life hard has been removed. Thanks Firefox developers.

2 thoughts on “Download Firefox 2.0

  1. I've got OpenOffice on my PC. Sadly when I create a text document it does the same thing. My previous hack was using a text editor that had a spell checker. Now Firefox got tha goods I'm solid!

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