Hood an expert on Edwards?

Cross posted from OrangePolitics:

Wednesday’s Daily Tar Heel has a front page story about John Edwards called “Edwards on the Road.” It has a big map of the USA plotting Edward’s public travel schedule. The story comes to the conclusion that he is campaigning for President in 2008. Shocked? Not I.

Is John Hood an expert on John Edwards? I wondered this because the story quotes him about the nature of Edward’s activities. Hood is President of the John Locke Foundation, a well known conservative think tank here in North Carolina – hardly an unbiased expert on the subject of liberal politicians.

Is this how ethical student reporting works? Ask a subject’s opponent what he thinks of how subject spends time and get just the quotations you need to build a negative story? The author of this story (DTH’s Investigative Team Editor) should have interviewed more people. I enjoy investigative journalism, but this story belonged in the opinion section not on the front page.