Moderates and Lefties get together

Its about time people in the middle to the left of the American political spectrum worked together to get a liberal Democrat elected. This is a prudent strategy. Here’s why.

The Dems need leftists more than ever. Simply because lefties consistently work with important Democratic constituants. We work for important causes of women, GLBT people, people of color, immigrants, etc. Consitantly! Its lefties who have jobs at non-profits helping people. Its lefties who choose to make a difference before profit. (Not that many self identifying Dems don’t do this.) We can help Dems do more than gather votes and power. We can teach them how to create real change, 21st Century style.

It’s possible to bring moderate Dems back towards the anti-war left. Ending the Iraq war is THE big issue lefties lead on! Look at the polls.

Personal Context:
We don’t have good third party election laws in North Carolina. My town and county politicians are mostly liberal Democrats. They inspire me. There is hope for the State and National Democrat parties in North Carolina.

I consider myself a very liberal person. So I struggle with participating in the State and National elections because they rarely match my values. Its really demoralizing to help someone get elected only to see them compromise on issues you hold dear. There is so much corruption, greed, and detachment from real people in National politics. We can change this. The 2006-2008 election is the time.

So I’ve been riding on the fence a bit. Trying to figure out how I can become active in National Dem politics. So today I read Stan Goff’s blog post Elections and it helped finally convinced me what to do. GET INVOLVED!

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