Mold forces Non-Profit to Close its Doors

The Durham Literacy Center in Durham, North Carolina who helps hundreds of people a year learn how to read and get a high school equivalency is being forced out of their building due to mold. The Hearld Sun has written a good article allerting people to DLCs serious need.

“We desperately need temporary office space,” said Reginald Hodges, the center’s executive director. “It’s an emergency situation for us.”

Executive Director Reginald Hodges explains the situation in a blog post on the DLC website.

DLC Clients, Tutors, Staff and Supporters,
I am writing to explain a potential health concern in Durham Literacy Center (DLC) office (1410 W. Chapel Hill St.) and to inform you of the actions DLC is taking to address it. For several years, the presence of mold in the DLC building has been a nagging but manageable concern. In the past 4 years, DLC has spent more than $15,000 to contain and destroy the mold that grows in the building’s damp basement and the attic. Unfortunately, conditions worsened significantly early this fall. The occurrence of allergic symptoms associated with mold increased. When it became clear that staff were having allergic reactions to the mold, we asked two environmental engineers to assess the building. The engineering report is pending. Although we have not yet received the report, they have clarified that the office is inundated with mold.

I worked as a AmeriCorp VISTA for one year at the Durham Literacy Center. I can attest to the AMAZING and important work they do for the Durham community. PLEASE consider making a donation to the DLC via Network for Good. Even better, if you know of temporary office space or a new home for the DLC contact:

Reginald Hodges

Executive Director

Durham Literacy Center

(919) 489 8383 ext: 22

Fax: (919) 489 1456

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