Is the US becoming a Theocracy? No Doubt!

Not sure why I’m getting all interested in Clinton letting loose with a bit of rant on TV but… it brings up other fundamental issues.

Crooks and Liars post Authoritarianism: Bloggers sounding the warning quotes and links Dave Johnson at The Huffington Post (aka HuffPo) called Authoritarianism and Theocracy — Bloggers Are Sounding A Warning.

Basically many bloggers believe that the neocon Republicans in control of American are pushing American towards a Authoritarian/Theocracy. People just won’t believe us because its a rather horrible concept. Unfortunately it’s utter denial to ignore the Republicans actions.

Folks are wondering why Democrats are taking so long to call out this bull. I’ll tell you why. It takes a lot of money to get elected. Nationally elected Democrats are funded by the same corporations as Republicans. Both parties have strong ties to Christian Churches of one kind or another. Democrats and Republicans are more alike than people want to admit. These American political parties are joined at the hip. Their strong conflicts of interest are destroying have destroyed their ability to govern justly.

So when you’re in a symbiotic relationship with your life partner you can’t just cut your ties willy nilly. Essentially Democrats making accusations of Authoritarian type actions by the Republicans is opening up a big can of worms. Its also putting a big life size mirror in front of the whole DNC and staring hard. Let the mirror gazing begin! What has our political system become?

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