Lossless MP3 editing with Fission

Lee Sherman at createdigitalmusic.com tells us about a new Rogue Amoeba product called Fission. Its a simple audio editor for the Mac. So bare bones in fact it doesn’t even use VST and AU plug-ins. Nor does it do multiple tracks. (audio geeks will understand)

But the really BIG deal with this software is lossless editing of MP3s. Rogue Amoeba claims its the only Mac audio editor that can do this. In the past you could only edit lossless audio file formats like AIFF or WAV over and over again without audible degradation. A real drag if you just want to chop up a mp3 quickly, create fades in and out, or create chapter segments. Lots of those new digital recorders only record to mp3. Now you can deal with the files in mp3 format and share them fast. Plus this software is only $29.95. Nice.

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