Bill Clinton sets example for Dems

I finally watched the much talked about Clinton interview on Fox. Well I didn’t watch Fox TV I caught it on [Fox interview here. MOV] Here is what I got out of it.

Bill Clinton has set an important example for all Democrats running for office now. His honesty inspires us to build trust. Tell the truth. All the time.

Dems get out there and raise your voice. Interrupt people. Jump up and down. Yell. But have a message. We’re mad as hell about the condition of the world and not going to take it any more!

I don’t mean all the time. But when its appropriate. Heck people interested in politics talk frankly with each other like Bill Clinton did. There is nothing strange about his actions. He has been attacked over and over. He just told Fox what many Americans have been saying for years. Good Job Mr. Clinton!

I really believe that Democrats must be fiercely honest to get elected and repair our country. Oh and don’t forget to watch John Stewart’s discussion of the facts. I mean Clinton’s interview wasn’t all “combative”. [Fun Daily Show MOV]

Note: After sleeping on this post I needed to add one thing. I’m a pacifist. I’m against killing of any kind. This whole argument between Democrats and Republicans about who is doing a better job capturing and killing Osama bin Laden is insane. Its nothing but misplaced macho bullshit. I think our country can have a military to defend itself. But we don’t need aggressive men running the USA who attack and occupy other countries.

This is the major wedge between me and my FULL support of Democrats running for National office. (Local office is another story.) Its why I am NOT a registered Democrat, even though I’ve never voted for a Republican. Some how there is a balance between the radical idea that peace is possible through pacifism and electoral politics. Kucinich was right, we need a US Department of Peace.

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