Does the media love liberals again?

First it was Keith Olbermann complaining about Rumsfeld then Bush now MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says, ‘I Have Been Against This Bullshit War From The Beginning’. HA!

I think big time main stream media producers read polls and think more Democrats might be in power soon and are correcting their hyperbole appropriately. Its all about the money. Popular people sell. Except Especially caugh with their pants down.

Do you know any other examples of MSM actually becoming critical of the Bush administration? Link to them in the comments. Lets collect them for posterity. In a year I bet they act like they never supported the war in Iraq!

I hope all you Dems out there running for office notice this trend and take advantage of it.

One thought on “Does the media love liberals again?

  1. Bora told me about a blog post from the Archy blog about a NYTimes story called A Democrat Rises in Virginia about the Allen/Webb race in VA.

    Archy says:

    This is the first story I can recall that has framed the story as one of Democratic strength. Or, at least, equal parts our strength and their weakness. And it is definitely the best story I've seen with such prominent placement. Winning over the press is a big part of winning the election. This is a very good sign.

    I agree. Lets keep documenting the shift.

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