Audiovisual media expand marketing

This Sunday I was quoted in the newspaper article titled Audiovisual media expand marketing about Podcasting in business that appears in The Bradenton Hearld newspaper. Thanks to Robin Roger for asking for my input. 🙂

One common misconception is that podcasting is complicated, said Brian Russell, organizer of PodcasterCon, a national podcaster conference held in North Carolina.

“The hype around podcasting has people thinking that there is some whole new medium,” he said. “Podcasting is really just a combination of fairly old technology with one or two new twists.”

Some may think it’s a fad, but Russell said podcasting has a future, even if it is under a new name.

“This shouldn’t alarm businesses or dissuade them from podcasting,” he said. “Audiovisual media making isn’t going away.”

Unrelated to the article:
Sadly “The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time.” The decision makers at The Hearld reading this should know that limiting your archive is a big mistake. How can you be the first draft of history if your stories won’t be around for historians to study? What if academics can’t afford access to your database? What if a high school student wants to quote your newspaper in a few months? How do we continue to have accumulative knowledge with the existence of pay walls?

This is one of blogs greatest advantages over newspapers online – persistent archives. Google, a multi-billion dollar business, understands this.

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