9/11 is forever politicized

This morning CNN quotes Bush saying, “Today’s remembrances are not the time to politicize 9/11.” Gee who do you think he’s directing that request? Democrats who are ahead in the polls, that’s who.

I don’t think ANY day is the time to politicize death and destruction. But unfortunately George Bush has invoked the memory of this day each time he mentioned 9/11 in a speech. From making connections between Iraq and the attacks on 9/11 in his State of the Union Speech to just about every stump speech he and Cheney have made since. 9/11 has been used as an excuse for awful revenge killing. In fact lots of publicly speaking members of the Bush administration have used 9/11 as a justification for the whole so called “War on Terror”.

So now we have a politicized national disaster thanks to the President of the United States. Way too late to admonish and accuse Democrats about politicizing. I hope the next President will set a better example of how we should honor the dead and respect their memeories. Not using disaster as an excuse for war is a good way to start.

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