NASCAR could save us from Global Warming

Flipping channels I came across a NASCAR race and it dawned on me. If NASCAR would start using cars that ran on alternative power plants they could change minds. Imagine generations of young boys and girls getting excited about building and racing an electric car that is better for the environment than combustion engines!

To save the planet each of us has to change. It seems an impossible task. But if we make positive change in traditionally conservative, pro-fuel and oil burning communities we can succeed.

The fuel burring passion that is auto racing is deeply embedded in the American psyche. But popular culture through advertising brought us the mass adoption of gas burning cars. Advertising can also do the right thing and save us from Global annihilation. All they have to do is make clean cars cool.

I call on all NASCAR sponsors to strongly encourage race car owners to consider investing in fast clean race track cars. Wondering if a race car can go fast using electricity? Check out this article on about several California companies bring 130mph 0-60mph in four seconds cars to consumers right now.

Its technically possible to race electric cars NASCAR style. The question is; Will we all care enough about the future existence of the planet to do something? Race electric NASCAR!

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