More Mobile AdHoc Devices

With the release of the Nokia 770 I became very excited. Here was a small, powerful, and portable device with WiFi that could perform most of our daily computing needs. (its cheaper than most PCs but more expensive than most phones.) I saw it as the begining of a device to device communication world were individuals create their own networks without using the Internet. (I wrote a blog post describing my ideas in detail called Plan B for the Information Apocalypse.)

Along comes the Sony mylo. It seems to do everything that the Nokia 770 does but it has a keyboard built in. Big plus. The downside for me is Sony’s famous closed proprietary development system. Typically it can cost thousands of dollars to develop applications on Sony Play Station for example. The Nokia 770 is based on the Open Souce Debian Linux operating system and has a thriving development community. They use the open dev platform called Maemo. Right now hundreds of applications are being ported to the Nokia 770. (BTW the Nokia 770 has bluetooth and can use wireless keyboards.)

The future of wireless networks are looking very diverse. The topology of this future global network may be a lot of little devices building their own temporary mini-networks. Imagine a future with as many of these devices as iPods. How does this bode for the millions being spent on large permanent wireless infrastructure networks?

Update Learn more about the Sony Mylo. (specs., features, images, etc.)

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