Live on Lawn Video

Learn more about the crazy stuff going on at Weaver Street Market lawn in Carrboro at the Foot Loose Bruce archive at Orange Politics. Basically, Bruce Thomas was banned from dancing at Weaver Street Lawn by the Carr Mill Mall management. Its opened a HUGE can of worms about public space, freedom of expression, CoOp membership control, weird landlords from out of state, etc.

BTW… I shot and edited this video. I plan on putting up a better looking version in the future. I hope to use Divix. But because folks are crazy about YouTube… 🙂

DivX Stage6 Video is Beautiful

I just learned about the new video sharing site Stage 6 from the DivX company. (via: GigaOm) Its in direct competition with YouTube and Google Video. But the quality of the video at Stage 6 is much better. The catch is you have to download the free DivX web player to watch it. Plus I’m not sure you can easily embed Stage6 DivX videos in your blog posts. There is a DivX web player code generator here though. I need to try it.

You might have heard about the amazing DivX codec. Its been around awhile and popular among geeks. But because MPEG codec has been wrapped in QuickTime and Flash and put on just about every modern PC in the world its become the de facto standard. With the huge demand for HD and higher quality video online this may change.

Creators and viewers of video want quality web video. We’ve been dreaming of it ever since we first saw postage sized videos on the web in the early 1990’s. It is now possible for the average person to create and share professional quality video online for little money. All we need is a cheap distribution system with high quality. We now have the free distribution systems where are the HIGH end video codecs? With the DivX web player we have full frame video at full resolution. Even full screen!

I’m looking forward to YouTube and Google Video’s response to this. Flash can play much higher quality video than it does now on these two sites. Meet the challenge guys and make everyone’s video watching experience better. I’m going to try DivX for video in the future. Aparently you can even upload video to Stage 6 from the DivX player.

Download the free DivX player for Windows and Mac and check out Stage 6. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Don't Download this Song

Weird Al Yankovic has a new album coming out and his new song Don’t Download this Song is hilarious. If you’ve been following the insane story of the RIAA suing grandmothers and teenagers then you’ll really appreciate the irony of the lyrics.

I know by blogging about this I’m just a witting pawn in their marketing campaign but this song can’t be ignored. It must be downloaded. Go ahead disobey the very title. Here is the MP3 URL. Don’t worry they want you to have it. Really. It’s the ultimate double speak. They tell you to do one thing and expect you to do another. Ah… the psychology of marketing.

There aren't just "A few bad Apples"

An amazing bit of investigative journalism from by Martha Mendoza of the AP titled Military Recruiters Cited for Misconduct.

More than 100 young women who expressed interest in joining the military in the past year were preyed upon sexually by their recruiters. Women were raped on recruiting office couches, assaulted in government cars and groped en route to entrance exams.

This quote is only the tip of the iceberg. Read the rest of the article for even more disturbing statistics. Not because you want to but because we all must know the truth about the military the US government has created. For insights to why this is happening I recomend Stan Goff’s book Sex & War.

Lots of Fake News in NC

Kirk Ross alerts us that the FCC is seeking information about “fake news” reports at four North Carolina television stations. WCCB (Charlotte), WCTI (New Bern), WGHP (Greensboro) and the Sinclair station WLFL (Raleigh). The FCC has sent 77 letters to stations all over the nation. More at Ross’s Exile on Main Street and the Center for Media and Democracy. Basically these stations are airing commercials that look allot like news reports. Why does this not surprise me?

Sen. Allen caught saying racist slur

Ed Cone’s blog has a clip from You Tube of Virginia Sen. George Allen (R). In the video Allen insults and harasses an opponents staffer who was video taping him on the campaign trail. Straight into the camera Allen calls the man with the camera, S.R. Sidarth who is of Indian descent, a macaca. This word Allen says three times in the video clip is a racist slur.

Jeffrey Feldman on dailykos writes:

Yesterday, when the news broke that George Allen called someone at a campaign stop a ‘macaca,’ I did some Google searches to find out what it meant. As it turns out, the question is not if ‘macaca’ is a racist term, but which of the three definitions of the word ‘macaca’ did George Allen intend when he used it?

Here are the three choices:

1. ‘Macaca’ – French : racist slang; similar to English ‘nigger,’ used to describe Arabs.
2. ‘Macaca’ – English : racist slang; similar to ‘nigger’ used to describe Arabs.
3. ‘Macaca’ – English : racist slang; used by American white supremacists in ‘insider’ talk about African-Americans.

The media has grabbed this You Tube clip and run with it. More digging by bloggers like Brendan Nyhan have reminded us of Allen’s past. Things like having a noose in a tree in his law office, displaying a confederate flag at his house, etc., etc. Seems like Allen has been attempting some half ass apologies. Watch this sad video clip for yourself. Sick. So sick. I just don’t want it on my blog.

I am so ashamed of my home state of Virginia…