Ruby is my Muse

OMG, I’m getting married in 12 days! Good thing that I’m tying the knot with such a cool person. I’m a superstitious old skool pagan-like artist who needs inspiration. Thus I need a muse, a form of inspiration and psychic energy. Enter Ruby. She’s much more than this BTW.

A few years ago Ruby told me about podcasting. I tried it out, became obsessed, created, made LOTS of audio, organized an UnConference around Podcasting, wrote tutorials to help other people do it, taught kids how to podcast, etc., etc. If she hadn’t told me about it I never would have done so many cool things.

Now Ruby has told me about Second Life. Its a 3D virtual world you can dive into completely recreating a life, interacting with others, building virtual spaces, chatting, and all kinds of things.

She’s inspired me to do something I’ve wanted to do since 1989 or so – create virtual art. A return to my creative roots of sorts. I used computers to make art all through college. 3D art always fascinated me. I think its appropriate that I rejuvenate the past a bit as I’m open a new chapter in my life. Thank you so much Ruby!

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