Judge allows EFF case against AT&T

Via Electronic Frontier Foundation mailing list:

EFF’s Spying Case Moves Forward – Judge Denies Government’s Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

In January, EFF filed a lawsuit against AT&T for collaborating with the NSA in its massive and illegal spying program. Today, a federal court denied the government’s and AT&T’s motions to dismiss the case, allowing EFF’s suit to proceed.

This is a huge step toward stopping illegal surveillance and holding AT&T accountable for these privacy violations. But it’s only a first step. We need your help to finish the job and secure your rights.

Find more about the case.

Planning a BarCamp

Fred Stutzman has a written a wonderful post called Advice for Planning a Bar Camp. It contains a lot of excellent info about how to plan an unconference. In this case doing it BarCamp style. The RDU BarCamp is this Saturday July 22. (Congratulations Fred for pulling this off. I’m sure the event will be a huge success!)

This is truly one of the most beautiful things about the Internet and equal access to information. Records of accomplishments and valuable knowledge. From archives of practical knowledge humans have a chance of improving themselves exponentially. With out the ability to archive this info and share it people quickly forget and make the same mistakes over and over. Information that can improve human life should NOT be hidden and made proprietary! Its the openness of these methods of holding unconferences that is allowing them to multiply and improve so quickly. Information wants to be free!

Leaders Must Understand Technology

Leave it to John Stewart, and his writers, to succinctly describe why Ted Stevens internet didn’t get to him in a timely manner.

“Maybe it’s because you do not seem to know jack BLEEP about computers or the Internet … but hey, you’re just the guy in charge of regulating it.”

You can watch The Daily Show segment here on YouTube.

Note to all politicians Local, State, and Federal: YOU must have a base level understanding of how the Internet works to govern in the Twenty-First Century! You can not craft good legislation if you do not understand how the technology your regulating works. If you have any questions please contact me and I’d be happy to clear it up for you. Seriously.

Via: graigblog

Our Wedding Rings

My Wedding Ring My Wedding Ring - Inside
The inside of my ring is a circuit board pattern. Click on the pic to get a closer look.

wedding rings - the whole enchilada wedding rings - 2 small rings
This is Ruby’s ring. It has three parts. Lots of little stones that glitter. The inside of her ring has a pattern too.

The wonderful Sherry Simms made these. Thanks Aunt Penny and Aunt Leslie!

Chuck Olson reporting in Korea

This week I’ve been going to Korea virtually via Chuck Olson of Minnesota Stories. He’s at the OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters’ Forum 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. I’m sure the actual conference is interesting but I’ve been digging the protest pics he’s been taking. Farmers and others are up in arms over the FTA (Free Trade Agreement). They’re protesting in Seoul at the same time the conference is going on. Chuck has pics on flicker. I’m looking forward to his video.

I see this as return to the roots of so called citizen journalism. In the early 1990’s a group of people formed an online media outlet to report the real news of protests and lefty politics that the main stream media wouldn’t report. They were among the first in the US and the world to point out corporate media bias and do something about it. They’re called IndyMedia. They’ve helped many people, including myself, become the media. They lit the spark that is podcasting and vlogging, IMHO.

So here we have an excellent vlogger going to a conference about media making taking pictures of the quintessential marginalized news story – political protest. GO CHUCK!

Note: I say ‘so called citizen’s journalism’ because I don’t like the phrase. Using just the word citizen excludes immigrants, legal or otherwise. It also smacks of government control. We can all be media makers no matter our condition in life!