Digg Politics

Digg Politics Today Digg.com launched version 3 of their website. Digg is a regularly changing collection of links and comments about online stories submitted by users. A multi author blog of sorts. Users can Digg (vote) the stories. The number of diggs is updated on the fly right before your eyes. The most dugg stories get sent to the front page.

Digg seems to be a working example of distributed journalism or maybe distributed front page editing. It has been enormously popular among techies. In a few months its surpassed the famous SlashDot in the number of hits it receives.

Vesion 3 brings many changes. Among them a spiffy new user interface, more profile customizing, lots of stats, and there are several new topics. I’m most interested in the new World News and Politics topics. So much so I’ve put a dynamic feed to Digg Politics on my side bar. I believe this event has HUGE implications in the world of journalism and politics. One more step towards a more democratic media. I hope…

Update As of today you need to be a Digg user to see the new topics. Sign up and give it a shot. 🙂

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