Brian C. RussellI am a creative instigator who has worn many hats. I put my first video online in 1994, wrote my first blog post in 2002, began Podcasting in September 2004, organized one of the first podcasting events, PodcasterCon, held in January 2006, created @brianr on Twitter in October of 2006, and opened Carrboro Creative Coworking, North Carolina’s first Coworking space, in November 2008. Since then I’ve become a dad and worked at a science museum and a hospital.

My creative passion includes oil painting, medium format film photography, film and video editing, experimental music, and sewing.

I live in Durham, North Carolina with my son. The up-to-the-minute juicy stuff is at instagram.com/brianyesh.

Izzy and Brian, 2017
Izzy and Brian, 2017

I purchased the domain name Yesh.com in 1998. It’s changed a lot. You can see much of this change using the WaybackMachine from the Internet Archives

Yesh to me means, affirmative times a billion. I first heard it used by a friend as a term of coolness. (ex. Oh Yesh!) Since then I’ve found out that it means “there is” in Hebrew. I’ve read it used in the phrase “Yesh Yahweh” – (There is God) or “Yesh Gvul” – (There is a limit). Also in another context it can be used like,Yesh lakh khatul (she has a cat) or Yesh lekha khatul (he has a cat).

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